Visions of Venice

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How can you not love Venice?! It’s a magical place where you feel as if you’re walking through a dream.


There are, of course, the classic scenes – the gondolas…


St. Mark’s square (Piazza San Marco, the main square of Venice, which Napoleon supposedly called “the drawing room of Europe”)…


The many famous bridges, like the Bridge of Sighs, which connects the New Prison with the interrogation rooms in the Doge’s Palace, the Rialto Bridge, and many smaller scenic bridges as well.


There is the Grand Canal, which is aptly named, and many museums with famous works of art…


But my favorite part of Venice is not so well known or recognized. It is the little alleyways, where the hordes of tourists from the cruise ships do not have time to discover or linger…


… where laundry flaps in the wind, black and white. like notes on a staff, as well as in full technicolor, plain or prints.


Wander off and get lost in the myriad alleyways – you are never truly lost, as Venice is not that big. But the best parts are the hidden parts that you randomly stumble upon.


This is what you’ll find in peak season in the main thoroughfares…


…but if you fold up your map, stick it in your pocket, and just wander at will, you will find places almost all to yourself!


If you’re hungry, look for a little local place, far from the tourist crowds, where you’ll find local specialties, at little local prices…


And definitely do not forget the gelato for dessert!! Again, off the beaten path, I found a “natural” gelato place, with better product for a lesser price, and unusual flavors like this fig walnut caramel. The woman scooping is from the US, came here as a backpacker 7 years ago and never left.


You’ll find markets full of delicious things…


…and of course, back in the shopping districts, crazy Italian designs, where the shoes are encrusted with jewels and the eyeglasses are definitely different!

IMG_2616 IMG_2637

Murano glass is on display everywhere, including at the flea markets scattered about…


…and of course, masks are a classic souvenir.


Keep your eyes open and look for the details that are Venice, including lots of lions…

IMG_2673 IMG_2733

and interesting windows…

IMG_2691 IMG_2945 IMG_3022


…and doorways.


Look for reflections…


…and artistic graffiti.


You’ll discover a whole other side of Venice, including answers to how the necessary business of the locals operates, such as how do they transport goods, and how do they get rid of other unwanted products, and just where do they make those gondolas anyway?…

IMG_2701 IMG_3421IMG_3613

Yes, there are those modern chains that intrude into all of the history, but you don’t have to patronize them, and at least they are made to conform to local building standards.


So climb the tower,


…hitch a ride in a gondola…


…and for sure get out of the main stream of traffic, and take a walk…

IMG_2933 IMG_3622 IMG_2904

…and get lost in the dream that is Venice!





  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE these photos!!! Tyvm for sharing your adventure!!! :-))))) hugs!!!

    • So glad you enjoyed them! Hugs back to you!!

  2. As always, Lynn, great fun! So mudh to take in….and you captured so much in jepust a few pics!

    • If you like Venice, Chris, stay tuned, I have one more post to come on the most beautiful bookstore in the world…

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