Traveling on the Cheap

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How can anyone afford to travel long term if they’re not rich? One way is to not have a house or apartment. There are many reasons traveling can be cheaper than having a home, here are nine:

1. You’re not tempted to buy “things” because you have no place to put them other than on your back, and your backpack is probably already full.

2. You don’t have rent or a mortgage payment, or utility bills.

3. You don’t have a car payment or insurance (even if you have a car that’s paid for that you opt to keep, you only have to insure for storage). And you’re not spending a small fortune on gas.

4. You have no phone bill (skype and email are free).

5. If you house sit your housing is free, in exchange for some pet sitting or gardening.

6. Couchsurfing is free, other than a small gift for your host, which can be hand made, like a small painting, or maybe an offer to help out.

7. If you WWOOF it, room and board is exchanged for labor on an organic farm.

8. There are hostels and campsites which are inexpensive alternatives to hotels.

9. If you do have a home that you want to keep, you can house swap or rent it out while you’re gone.

I figure I’ll spend the same amount of money whether I’m traveling or staying in one city renting a place, and I’d rather be traveling. It’s not like I’m giving up a lucrative job to do this. That’s where it’s kind of a no-brainer. The real heroes are those who take off the golden handcuffs of their own volition in order to pursue their dream. The Universe gave me a shove, for which I am actually grateful.


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