The Artsy Town of Chang Mai, Thailand

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Why did I return to Thailand after a week in Cambodia? Because the artsy town of Chang Mai was calling me, as were my new friends from the meditation retreat. As an American, you get a month tourist visa in Thailand, then if you leave the country, even for an hour or two, you can get another month. I had thought I’d continue on in Cambodia and Vietnam, but when friends suggested that, as an artist, I might appreciate Chang Mai, I decided to check it out. And I wasn’t disappointed!

Chang Mai has many artsy galleries and shops…


…and buildings, including the library!


There are artsy coffee shops and restaurants…


…and inexpensive artsy food and tea.



The night market is full of artsy items for sale…


…and even the trees at night take on an artistic glow!


Free concerts are a common event in Chang Mai…


…and it’s not uncommon to see artistic windows and displays all over the city.


There is a school of art…


…and even the trash can be artsy.


Chang Mai has artsy fountains…


…and doorways…


…and artsy temples abound.


There are plenty of artistic walls…

IMG_9347 IMG_0854 IMG_0850

…and best of all, artsy friends to celebrate your birthday with!!

image image

My guest house was very artsy, and at $12 a night, an affordable retreat, so I stayed for 3 weeks. You can rent an apartment in Thailand for around $300 a month (some as low as $150 in Chang Mai), and eat dinner for $3. No wonder so many ex-pats live here!

image image image

So if you’re looking for an artsy, affordable place to hang out for a while, check out Chang Mai, Thailand, I think you might like it. I know I do!!




  1. Love these photos, so beautiful!

    • Thanks Marie, glad you enjoyed them!

  2. Lynn,

    Thank you for your stories. Do you have a set schedule or do you just go with the flow? Also, do you work at all to help provide an income? If you’re evr in Detroit, you can hang with us.

    • Thanks Kat, you’re very welcome! I’ve mostly been going with the flow, seeing what comes up. Originally I had planned to get a working holiday visa for Australia & New Zealand to earn some funds, but found out you have to be 30 or younger, which I am not 🙂 Teaching English is another possibility. Thx for the Detroit invite!

  3. Love the post, place looks amazing. Love the way your eyes see the world great shots; as always!!

    • Thanks Derek, it was amazing!

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