Day Tripping – Montenegro & Lokrum

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Not far from Dubrovnik, Croatia, is the country of Montenegro, so it’s easy and inexpensive to go day tripping there. Montenegro is known for it’s beaches, and the old city of Kotor, and they’re both worth a look, although on the day I was there, so were 3 cruise ships, and thousands of other tourists, so not the ideal circumstances for my visit.



In Kotor, you will find inside the city walls, plenty of places to shop and to dine – it’s quite touristy…

IMG_7770 IMG_7769 IMG_7863


But you will also see some interesting architecture…

IMG_7774IMG_7814 IMG_7819 IMG_7840

…and the inevitable beautiful doors and flapping laundry.

IMG_7777 IMG_7811

An old fortress gives you some lovely views…

IMG_7893 IMG_7891 IMG_7866

…and more places to relax.

IMG_7875 IMG_7876

Ah, now things are looking up…a little local wine and cheese!

IMG_7832 IMG_7837

Many people go there to climb to the top of the mountain above Kotor, although we were told by our tour guide that we didn’t have time. Our guide also informed us on numerous occasions that Montenegro has become a playground for rich Russians…

IMG_7776 IMG_7822

I don’t know if this is true, but there is certainly wealth displayed, in the marina in the form of large yachts, as well as on the nearby tiny island of Sveti Stefan where the 5-star Aman Sveti Stefan hotel beckons to those with deep pockets.


It’s always fun to discover the local color of a new country, including markets and graffiti…

IMG_7793 IMG_7778

…and taking a day trip to Montenegro is certainly worth a visit, although it’s not on my top list of places to go. I’ve met people who love Montenegro and people who don’t, and to be fair, going on a tour, even a small group tour, isn’t the best way to get the full picture, although I hope you’ve enjoyed a few of mine.


Day trips to Mostar, Bosnia, are also available, although I was told it’s 5 hours on a bus round trip, with only an hour and 1/2 off the bus to see the famous Stari Most bridge, which is not the original, but a reconstruction started in 2001. I skipped this.

More my style for Dubrovnik day tripping, it’s just a little leap to the island of Lokrum, a nature reserve where it’s possible to get away from the crowds of the old town.


You depart from the harbor in Dubrovnik, and it’s only a 15 minute scenic ride by taxi-boat. 6.30 euro includes your ride and entrance into the island park reserve.



Bring your bathing suit, as you can swim off of one of the many ladders that sink into the sea…


…or then again, you may not need one!


On the island, you can also go hiking, past the Benedictine monastery and up to the top to the old fort, for some interesting history and amazing views. Wear good hiking shoes, as the trails are dirt and rocks and slippery pine needles. It smells like sea and balsam, and I heard a young man with a guitar, sitting on top of the fort strumming and singing.

IMG_7189 IMG_7200 IMG_7191


The only inhabitants of the island are feathered and full of eyes! Peacocks were brought over from the Canary Islands a century and a half ago, and wander the auto-less island freely. This guy strutted up to me, spread his fan tail, then turned his back on me. I wasn’t sure if he was flirting with me or mooning me!

IMG_7244 IMG_7241

There are a couple of restaurants on the island, but my recommendation is to pack a picnic and pick one of the many perfect rocky shores to dine with a view.

IMG_7218 IMG_7270

Day tripping from Dubrovnik is easy and affordable, so why not stay a few more days, before heading off to the rest of the islands, any of over 1000 of them. Some of the best are coming up in my next blog posts!



  1. I’m sold. Great pictures, love the commentary. What a beautiful day…

    • Thanks Drew, I think you’d love Croatia!!

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