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We go through life making connections, some sought, but many appearing happenstance. When looking for your calling or pursuing a dream, many of the best connections appear synchronistically, amazing “coincidences” that move you ahead in wonderful ways, that there’s no way you could have dreamed up.

Traveling is one of those times when synchronistic events seem to come in waves, I’m not sure why. I’ve read that they happen more frequently during big life changes, but I also think they occur more often the more open we are, or maybe we just notice them more.

This trip around the world, which was a dream and calling of mine for years, but seemed too crazy or unaffordable or unattainable, but wouldn’t go away, gained a sort of life of its own, once I committed to taking the leap. Connections appeared to help me on my way that I could never have imagined.

I’d never taken a tele-course before, and had no intention to, but when a “Find your calling” email appeared in my inbox, my intuition told me, against my rational mind, that I needed to take it. That led to a live call Q & A, where I was led through a process of choosing, if I were to travel the world, where I would go. I have no idea of how many hundreds of people were on that call (another thing I’ve never participated in before), but one woman heard it, heard that Australia was the place I should go if I took a leap of faith to travel the world on a shoestring. And that one woman, Amanda, reached out to me through the corresponding private Facebook group and invited me to stay with her in Canberra. She also connected me with friends, in Cairns and Sydney, more women, who, for whatever reasons, were willing to welcome a stranger from another country into their homes. Not only did this give me a soft landing, someone to meet me at the airport after 30 hours of travel, people to show me around and share what it’s like living in these places, not as a tourist, but as a traveler, sharing daily rituals and neighborhood events, and extend my limited funds, but it’s already given me many new friends, people I feel a true connection with, and hope to have in my life long after we’ve said farewell.



Many thanks to Amanda, and Lenore, Lindsey, Soraya and all of those beautiful people I have yet to meet!



  1. /I’m so glad that we can get along with people who lived millions of miles away…it proves love will always dominate the world.

    • I wholeheartedly agree Rachel!

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